Women in Open Source on YouTube

September 21, 2020

The video playlist for this event is available on YouTube:https://www.bcs.org/events/2020/september/webinar-women-in-open-source/ Featuring Dr Louise Brown, Dr Dawn Foster, Dr Becky Faith, and Irina Bolychevsky

Video: The Women of Station X

March 15, 2016

Bletchley Park was the central location for the UK’s code breaking efforts during WW2. It is not well-known that women made up the majority of [more >]

BCS Women: Kate Russell

May 13, 2014

Technology journalist and TV presenter, Kate Russell, talks about how she got into IT, her experiences and why more women should consider themselves as role [more >]

BCS Women Sarah Winmill

May 1, 2014

Sarah Winmill, MSc MBA FBCS CITP, Director of IT for Support Services, University College London talks about women in IT and working in the technology [more >]

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