Spread the word about the job roles at WISE and about the WISE conference on 9 May 2018 in Salford

Spread the word about the job roles at WISE and about the WISE conference.
WISE are looking to recruit two new membership managers and a new Comms Director. We’ve had a healthy response already but if you know people who might be interested and could add value to WISE team please encourage them to put their hat in the ring. Details on our website https://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/jobs/2018/04/communications-director and https://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/jobs/2018/04/wise-membership-manager

WISE expecting about 300 to join us for the WISE conference in Salford on 9 May, but the venue holds 400 so plenty of room for more. If you would like to invite any personal contacts to join us, you can offer them a complimentary ticket, using the code womeninSTEM18 when they book to avoid payment. It doesn’t cost WISE any more to fill the place as we have to pay the same catering bill regardless of actual numbers, hence the offer of free tickets. We can use it to introduce new people and new organisations to WISE. If they are travelling to Manchester the day before, we can add them to the invite list for a reception at Arm, which is at their new Manchester office at 630pm. One Jo Hannaford will be the guest speaker. Full conference programme and booking form at https://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/conference/wise-conference-may-2018
Contribution from Helen Wollaston