Special Callsign – GB200ADA – for Ada Lovelace 10-13 December

Ada Lovelace ‘200th Birthday’ Callsign
Amateur Radio Special Event Station
Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire
From 10th to 13th December 2015

Ada Lovelance Amateur Radio Certificate: A special high resolution d-i-y “EeZee Certificate” commemorating this event will be available to download.


The 200th Anniversary of the birth of Ada Lovelace on 10th December 1815 will be commemorated with an Amateur Radio* Special Event Station GB200ADA at Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, on 10th to 13th December 2015.

Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, is internationally recognised as the author of the first ‘computer algorithm’ which was written for the ‘Difference Engine’ designed by Charles Babbage to increase the accuracy of astronomical calculations. In 1847, she also predicted that the use of algorithms and computers would some day have far wider applications in science.

This event is organised by the Phoenix Radio Group in partnership with the Youth Hostels Amateur Radio Group, and we welcome participation from individual Radio Amateurs and local clubs during the event. Newstead Abbey is open to visitors on the event days. Opening times can be found on www.newsteadabbey.org.uk.

A special, self-service, downloadable certificate will be available to everyone who makes contact with the Special Event Station GB200AD.

More information about this event is can be found at:

www.M0PHX.org.uk and www.YHARG.org.uk

Email enquiries to GB200ADA@PhoenixARC.org.uk


* Don’t know anything about Amateur Radio? * CLICK HERE
GB200ADA is a ‘Special special’ callsign issued by Ofcom only for major events of international significance.
Newstead Abbey Historic House & Gardens are in the care of Nottingham City Council.

Author: Alan Clayton G7HZZ
For Phoenix ARC