Sign Up for TechUP Women by the 31st May 2019: Free Tech Training for Women

The TechUP programme takes 100 women from the Midlands and North of England, particularly from underrepresented communities, with degrees or experience in any subject area, retrains them in technology and then gives them the opportunity to interview with a company for an internship/apprenticeship/job.

The retraining programme, developed by the Partner Universities in conjunction with the Industrial Partners, will have modules at level 6/7 and includes:

  • Technology: coding, data science, cyber security, machine learning, agile project management.
  • Workplace readiness skills: public speaking, clear communication, working as a team

Full details on the website:

Be sure and watch the video!

This programme is supported by BCSWomen.

Here’s a personal invitation from Professor Sue Black:

Hi all,

I’m a Prof at Durham University and recently got funding for a retraining
programme from the Institute of Coding.

For a long time I’ve wanted to run a free retraining programme to help get
women into, or back into, tech careers, so I’m so delighted that finally we
have a funded project to do just that!

There’s some information below about the programme, it’s completely free,
mainly online and promises at least an interview with one of our partners
companies at the end for a real job or internship.

We particularly want to give the opportunity to BAME women and women from
any underrepresented groups.

If you know anyone who you think may be interested please send them the
details and encourage them to apply. We aim to scale this up to reach the
whole UK next year, to make that happen this year needs to be a success.

There are more details on the website:

Please get in touch with Emjay,, if you have any questions. More
details below.

Best wishes


The TechUP programme is a partnership between Durham, York, Edge Hill and
Nottingham universities, and gives 100 women the opportunity to retrain for
a tech career with an interview for an internship, apprenticeship or job
role at the end of the programme. The programme is six months long and open
to women with a degree in any subject across the North and Midlands, with a
particular focus on women from BAME and underrepresented communities.

TechUp is mainly completed online, allowing you to fit it around your
current commitments. The modules include data science, coding, cyber
security project management, public speaking, clear communication and
working as a team. A mentor who works in the sector will provide advice and
guidance to you throughout the course. There are also four residential
weekends where you can network with peers and listen to industry-led talks.

We’re now open for applications until 31st May, and want to give as many
women as possible the chance to apply for this incredible opportunity. I’m
reaching out to you with this information so that you can help us to reach
prospective candidates in your network. You can direct them here to apply
or to find out more: .

Together, we can tackle the shortage of women in tech, especially those
from under-represented groups. It’s time to create the female tech leaders
of tomorrow!

*Sue Black OBE*
*Professor of Computer Science*
*Durham University*