Senior Software Engineer

Tech Lab is a small team at Sage Publishing who collaborate with people across SAGE to answer business questions and solve problems. Our work focuses on rapidly prototyping and validating solutions using data science and technology.

Could you be our new Senior Software Engineer? Are you?

  • An experienced full stack developer who can work at pace
  • Keen to help SAGE use machine learning and automation to work more efficiently
  • A good problem solver who can use yourtechnical knowhow to turn ideas into working prototypes
  • Able to determine the feasibility of a proposed solution, advise how much it will cost and how long it will take to build
  • A good communicator who can explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience
  • Enjoy a high degree of responsibility and independence
  • Comfortable with the challenge of working on a diverse range of products, systems and solutions

Your new role requires you to:

  • Rapidly evaluate new and emerging technologies through the building of prototypes and proofs of concept. This will include taking a model from our data scientist and turning it into a useable software toolsfor the business
  • Gather feedback on prototypes, including theiroverall effectiveness, potential use cases, and other applicability information
  • Disseminate lessons learnt about these prototypes and experiments
  • Help identify new technologies and product ideas for prototyping, and assess feasibility of ideas before development
  • Help manage and prioritise the idea backlog
  • For technologies that we don’t have in-house skills to evaluate, find appropriate partners to work with

This role will report to Helen King, Head of Transformation, Tech lab. If you are interested in applying please send your CV and covering letter to Grace Richards –