Webinar on How to get a career in STEM – BCSWomen Taster Session
12:30 to 13:30
Join 4 women from the WISE Young Professionals’ Board, a group of diverse exceptional role models working at UK WISE member companies.

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Krystel Richards, WarnerMedia

Gisela Rossi, Pollen

Isobel Vernon-Avery, Arup

Beth Probert, Capgemini


12:30 – Webinar starts

13:30 – Close

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BCS Women Tasters Sessions aim to inspire and support people in their careers whatever stage they are at.

In this session we have partnered with WISE and have 4 women who either sit or have recently sat on the WISE Young Professional Board. The WISE Young Professionals’ Board is a group of diverse exceptional young role models working at a variety of WISE member companies in the UK.

Isobel, Beth, Krystel and Gisela talk about their wide range of backgrounds and educational routes that has brought them to follow a career in STEM.



Krystel Richards is a Broadcast IT Engineer at WarnerMedia, working to support the London production facility and their newsgathering teams. She is currently the Chair of the WISE Young Professional’s Board, supported by a diverse team from a range of industries who aim to represent, advocate for, and encourage confidence in women to pursue a career in STEM.

Gisela Rossi, comes from a background in Computer Science, a journey where she enjoyed researching formal logic and later working as a BE Software Engineer. Currently, she is an Engineering Lead at Pollen, passionate about leadership and dynamic organisations. She strives to create an inclusive, healthy and empathetic team.

Gisela is a passionate champion for D&I, both within her organisation and outside. She has been volunteering for more gender diversity in STEM for the last 13 years; as part of these efforts, she is an ex-WISE YPB member, and she has been co-leader of PyLadies London since 2019.

Isobel Vernon-Avery believes that inclusion, diversity and equality is foundational in resolving the complex challenges our world faces today. She is part of Arup’s Advanced Digital Engineering Team working to support cities as they undergo digital and circular economy transformation. Isobel has been a member of the WISE Young Professionals Board since 2021.

Beth Probert, is an Astrophysicist turned Software Engineer working at Capgemini Engineering’s High Integrity Software Expertise Centre. Her day-to-day work involved creating cutting-edge software that keeps people safe in their everyday lives and researching new technologies. Beth is also the Vice Chair of the WISE Young Professional’s Board and has been involved with the WYPB for over 2 years. Her enthusiasm and passion for both her work and wider diversity and inclusion issues led to her recognition as one of the top female engineers in the UK as a finalist in the IET’s 2020 Young Woman Engineer of the Year awards and being recognised as a Rising Star of Women in Technology by Computer Weekly in 2021.

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