Webinar: How to be a consultant – Episode Three
18:30 to 20:00

Webinar: How to be a consultant – Episode Three

Date and time
26 May, 6:30pm – 8:00pm



  • Kate Spalding, Head of Northern Europe Consulting Practice for Public Sector in Atos and Board Member of the Management Consultancies Association (MCA)
  • Stephen Aldridge, Managing Director of Numeritas Ltd
  • Roberta Carter, Deal Value Creation Partner and Head of People for PwC UK Consulting
Benefit from the wisdom and expertise of experienced consultants to maximise your success in consultancy!

This programme will be particularly valuable for new and aspiring consultants. It is a series of short, interactive, TED-style talks, where expert speakers discuss success factors with an audience that harnesses the wisdom of experienced consultants with the energy of newcomers. It is aimed at new entrants to the profession as well as experienced IT practitioners from all specialities who are considering a move into consultancy. We also encourage experienced consultants to join the audience and share their own thoughts, advice and experiences.

The sessions will be around 15-20 minutes of presentation with a further 10-15 minutes allowed for contributions from other experienced attendees and questions from the audience. Three topics are covered in each 90-minute event. The talks will also be made available as a set of 21 videos to provide a permanent resource for people starting a consultancy career.

Episode three examines:
  • Client Relationships
  • Analysis & Problem Solving
  • Ethics & Behaviours