Teresa Binks Webinar: Growing Software Engineering Talent In-House at the Ordnance Survey
19:00 to 20:00

Date Wednesday 23 March 2022

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Growing Software Engineering Talent In-House at the Ordnance Survey

SPEAKER : Teresa Binks, Senior Engineer, Ordnance Survey


Considering the benefits and implications of growing software engineering talent at Ordnance Survey, and exploring the approaches adopted.

This is a BCS Dorset Branch, jointly with BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS e-learning SG and BCSWomen SG.


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Recruiting software engineers is hard, and recruiting ones that fit into your company’s culture is harder still. Recognising this, the Ordnance Survey embarked on a scheme by which they recruit enthusiastic individuals with aptitude and enthusiasm for technology, but without requiring them to have industry experience. With on-the-job training, and targeted teaching interventions, these trainees are transitioned into contributing members of development teams, working to the technical standards and cultural values that the organisation demands, and ready to contribute to the Ordnance Survey’s world-leading geospatial services.

Join this webinar to learn about the Ordnance Survey’s motivations and approaches in running the trainee scheme. Explore our bespoke learning and teaching interventions such as “Azure for Normal People” and “The Pizzeria”. Find out how mentoring and peer-to-peer teaching is leveraged, and the practicalities and impacts of having trainees working in production development teams.


Teresa Binks is a Senior Software Engineer at the Ordnance Survey. Having learned her craft on cloud-based backend systems, she now runs a developer productivity team, working to solve common problems for production engineering teams.

As part of this remit, she has a leading role in recruiting and training the next generation of software engineers in the organisation. With a doctorate in Computer Science with an educational focus, Teresa puts the theory of teaching and learning into a practical context, responsively creating opportunities and interventions for new trainees to gain the skills and experiences that enable them to become professional software engineers.