Tech for Good & GeekGirl Meetup mashup – International Women’s Day
18:30 to 21:00

International Women’s Day!
To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day we’re teaming up with the Tech For Good Meetup group to bring you an evening of lightning talks on how to empower others through tech. The event will be held on 8th March from 6.30pm at Code Node in Moorgate.

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#BeBoldForChange – The Women Using Tech to Empower Others
This meetup is in partnership with the group Geek Girl Meetup

To celebrate the 2017 International Women’s Day theme, #BeBoldForChange, Tech for Good London is joining forces with GeekGirl Meetup UK (GGMUK) for a bonanza of presentations and discussion from some amazing women who are using tech to empower others.

From politics to AI ethics research, diversity remains a crucial issue in 2017. We’ll hear from inspiring female innovators from different sides of the tech for good sector about the projects they’re working on to improve lives and challenge the status quo.

For the second half of the event, GGMUK will be chairing a panel discussion about some of the bold thinking and changes needed to support greater diversity and inclusiveness in tech. It will explore the resources, communities and networks that three panelists have used to drive change, with practical tips for how you can also take action. Full line-up to follow soon.

We’ll have two opportunities for community announcements this time, with those that are relevant to the theme halfway through, so please send them through early so we can line you up. It’s your chance to promote projects, events and jobs to the combined Tech for Good and GeekGirls communities.
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