Sarah Burnett on Panel: First steps towards a career in AI?
12:30 to 13:15
With a rapidly changing world, AI is becoming essential in the workplace- this webinar will explore what is AI and what it means for you

About this event

What will we cover?

Through this webinar, you will learn how to begin your career in the AI field, what are some of the practical applications of AI in the work place, how AI will evolve over the next few years and the importance of ethics in this industry.


Event outline

Format: 30 mins panelist chat and 15 mins Q&A



Host: Brian Runciman


John O’Connell

Dr Andy Lowe, Co-Author of Artificial Intelligence Foundations – Learning From Experience, BCS Publication.

Sarah Burnett, FBCS, is Chief Technology Evangelist at KYP.ai and author of “The Autonomous Enterprise – Powered by AI” to be published by BCS in early 2022.

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