Nela Brown’s Zoom talk at BCSWomen event
18:00 to 19:00

Nela Brown is to speak at the BCSWomen event via Zoom

Date and time: Thursday 3 June 2021, 18.00-19.00
Title of the talk: ’FLO – Redefining the future of ensemble performance’

Booking Link:  https://03062021bcswomen.eventbrite.co.uk

Nela Brown, Creative Director of FLO ensemble, will talk about different platforms, software and hardware for
rehearsing and performing music online and how the issues associated with network performance (latency,
real-time monitoring etc.) can be resolved and/or utilised as part of the performance. She will present some
examples of previous FLO performances, talk about the opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration and
artistic experimentation afforded by the use of network and the challenges of streaming performances (that
use acoustic instruments, laptops, Web Audio API’s, mobile phones etc.) to globally distributed audiences.

About Nela Brown, creative director of FLO
Nela Brown is an award-winning Croatian sound artist,
technologist, researcher and lecturer living in London, UK.
She studied jazz and music production at Goldsmiths,
University of London, followed by a BA (Hons) in Sonic
Arts at Middlesex University London. Since graduating in
2007, she worked as a freelance composer and sound
designer on award-winning international projects including
theatre performances, dance, mobile, film, documentaries
and interactive installations. In 2013, she won a Highly
Commended WISE Leader Award for setting up innovative
programmes “to inspire girls and young women to engage
with the male-dominated field of computer science” in her
role as the Chair of G.Hack (2011-2016) and Chair of
WISE@QMUL (2012-2013). In 2014, she started Female
Laptop Orchestra (FLO), gathering an eclectic group of
musicians and technologists exploring co-located and
distributed collaborative music making within different contexts and across different geographical locations.
Nela regularly talks at international conferences and technology events about collaborative music making,
laptop orchestras and hack culture and performs with FLO globally. In 2019, Nela was invited to join the
Faculty of Fine Arts & Music at the University of Melbourne in Australia as the recipient of the prestigious
Macgeorge Fellowship Award. She is currently doing a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction and lecturing at
the University of Greenwich in London.
e: nelabrown@googlemail.com
m: +44 7887 828 968
w: https://nelabrown.blogspot.com
FLO ensemble, established in 2014 by Nela Brown,
aims to connect female musicians, composers, sound
artists, dancers, visual artists, engineers and scientists
globally, through co-located and distributed collaborative
music creation. Each FLO performance is site-specific
and performer-dependant, mixing location-based field
recordings, live coding, acoustic instruments, voice,
sound synthesis, real-time sound processing using Web
Audio API’s and VR environments with audio streams
arriving from different global locations (via the internet
and mobile networks). From stereo to immersive 3D
audio (and everything in between), FLO is pushing the
boundaries of technology and experimentation within
the context of ensemble improvisation and telematic
w: https://femalelaptoporchestra.wordpress.com