Layla Gordon to speak on Mars AR: A Venture Truly Out of this World
18:30 to 20:30

Topic: Mars AR: A Venture Truly Out of this World

Speaker: Layla Gordon, from the Ordnance Survey
Time: 6.00pm for 6.30pm start, including the BCS AGD SG AGM,

Venue: Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, SO14 0RD |For those that would like a tour of “The Spark” building, just opened, will meet at 5.30pm at The Spark Reception (on East Park Terrace, adjacent and north to the Library)
Refreshments at 6.00pm on will be on “The Bridge”, above The Pod, then we make our way down a floor to “The Pod ” for 6.30pm for the presentation. (This is about 5 minutes’ walk from the Southampton Central Station). Directions and maps at http://www.solent.ac.uk/about/find-us/find-us.aspx,
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This event will be a joint event with the BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS Animation and Games Development SG, SIGN, BCSWomen, and Southampton Solent University.

In February 2016, using NASA open data, Ordnance Survey created a one-off paper and digital map of the Martian landscape.

This map covers a 3672x2721km extent of the Mars surface and has been produced to a scale of 1 to 4 million.

At the OS technology labs, we then too this to another dimension by creating an Augmented Reality
Experience of the Mars paper map.

Using height data captured by remote sensing from Mars surface, we created a 3-dimenional model and using Vuforia, the map turns into a 3 dimensional model with landers and area labels as soon as the smart phone app’s Camera spots it in its view.

Please join us to hear more about our journey out of this world.

Layla Gordon is a Tech Labs Engineer from Ordnance Survey developing proof of concept applications in the domain of Ambient Intelligence and smart cities.

She has previously been in OS Mobile team creating the award winner OSLocate app and previous to that a research scientist in OS for over 10 years researching Saliency-based UAV navigation, Machine Vision in Change Intelligence, Automatic Sign Detection from road videos in Real-Time and a New Scientist article on first Augmented mapping app called MapSnapper back in 2004.
She also prototyped OS’s first indoor navigation mobile app called Digital Shoreditch using iBeacon technology for localisation of users indoor with no GPS or Wi-Fi assistance using trilateration and Estimote Beacons, and currently developing POC projects for augmenting indoor spaces with digital information and ambient intelligence with responsive sensors to help patients and staff within a hospital scenario.

She obtained an MPhil in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Southampton University in 2004 on Intelligent Multi-agent systems for Gait Recognition sponsored by DARPA. This was obtained as part of her Research Assistant role at ISIS (Image Speech Intelligent Systems) at Southampton University. She holds a BSc in Computer science with AI from Southampton University.

She loves space and has a special love of Red Planet tying into her love of music specially of late David Bowie’s.