How to drive more interviews and make sure your LinkedIn profile dovetails with your CV
19:15 to 20:15

Did you know that more people find a job through LinkedIn than Monster.com?

Statistically, once you make it onto a shortlist for a job, 85% of those hiring managers will want to have a nosy at your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn now has over 370 million members so recruiters and hiring managers naturally use it as one big pond to fish for and select candidates. As a consequence, having a great LinkedIn Profile is not optional, it is essential.

This webinar will be delivered by one of the UK’s leading Career Enhancement Specialists and will cover:

-How to generate interviews by using LinkedIn
-How to get your CV & LinkedIn Profile working together
-What LinkedIn is and how different people use it
-How to create an attention grabbing Headline and Summary
-What you should and shouldn’t put in the Positions section
-How to sell yourself through your profile
-How to use Projects & case studies for maximum impact

If you want more interviews, more job offers, more money, a more fulfilling job then investing one hour of your life watching this webinar is an absolute must.

These webinars have been described as “truly inspirational” and “genuinely outstanding”.