GGM presents: Mollie Stephenson’s talk on Feminine Code: Do women write different code?
18:30 to 20:00

GeekGirl Meetup UK are delighted to present an evening talk by the inspirational Mollie Stephenson, software craftswoman, hosted by 8th Light at their Clerkenwell office.

There is a long history of analysing whether women write differently. Mollie’s talk discusses where these ideas come from, whether they are valid and whether they can be applied to code.

It explores the idea that there is a style of writing, and of writing code, that is distinct to those who identify as feminine, and discusses what this could mean for the wider community.

Mollie started learning to code around two years ago at a bootcamp. Before that, she did a degree at the School of Oriental and African Studies, graduating with a BA in Politics and the Study of Religion.

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