“Cognitive Bias” – An International Womens Day Celebration
17:30 to 20:00


To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, we have a brilliant presentation by Dr Liz Calder  on “Cognitive Bias” which is an intrinsic error in the way people think. Liz runs a Business Analysis Consultancy, Blue Raccoon Limited and works with large and small companies, primarily in the Life Sciences and Digital arenas. Liz is a doctor of Materials Sciences 

Speaker: Dr Liz Calder is a consultant Business Analyst



Cognitive Bias is an intrinsic error in the way people think. Every day we make hundreds of decisions, some big and some small. There isn’t enough time in the day to weigh up all the facts for every decision we make so the brain uses mental shortcuts for speed. These shortcuts are a mixture of inherent behaviour and previous experience and, in order to be quick, the brain simplifies issues and throws out a lot of the information available to it. Because of this simplification the outcome is not always the one you get if you take the time to logically analyse a situation. Because they happen so quickly we aren’t even aware these shortcuts are happening; we just decide on something and move on.

Speaker Bio

Dr Liz Calder is a consultant Business Analyst based in Cheshire. Her experience ranges from leading cross functional and global teams in large organisations to being part of a small digital agency team. Whatever the environment she knows that what makes a project a success is the combination of  good project practice and getting the best from the people in your project. In her work she uses insights from the fields of psychology & behavioural economics to get for the best outcomes for all those involved and speaks regularly on this. Liz is Director of Blue Raccoon Ltd, a Business Analysis consultancy and is currently the IIBAUK Communities Director for the Scotland and North regions.

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Location: Ordnance Survey, Explorer House,  Adanac Drive, Southampton, SO16 0AS

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Cost: Free

Organised by Lean-In-Together: South England Chapter, Hants Digital Women, in association with Ordnance Survey, BCS Hampshire Branch and BCS Women.