BCSWomen Webinar: Jacqui Hogan to speak on “What if Jane Austin had been a geek?”
17:30 to 19:00

Thursday 23 July
What if Jane Austen had been a geek?

Speaker: Jacqui Hogan, Past Chair of BCS Elite; MD, Cocreative Ltd 
Time: 17.30 for 18:00 start, due to finish at 19.00
Details and Booking for the webinar at https://hamps23072020.eventbrite.co.uk

Two days prior to the event day and at 11.00am on the day of the event an email will be sent automatically to anyone who has registered, and providing information to access the webinar.

Cost: Free
Organised jointly by BCS Hampshire and Sussex Branches, and BCSWomen to celebrate the life of Jane Austen who died on 18 July 1817 in Winchester, and is remembered on all our British £10 notes

17.30 Presentation
19.00 estimated end


It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that the life of a young person of Jane Austen’s time must be greatly enhanced by addition of a little Tech. Today, we take the Internet completely for granted, but in Regency times, while communication was extremely important, women (and men) could not even text. Shocking! Imagine how technologies like TikTok or WhatsApp would have helped Lydia’s pursuit of officers? Or how much easier checking the monetary value of prospective husbands would be for Mrs Bennet with matchmaking apps or access to LinkedIn? Think how the relationship between Anne and Captain Wentworth would have been very different if they’d had access to good quality (or any) email? And could Lady Susan have been written as a series of blogs rather than letters?

This talk will take a light-hearted look at how IT could have enhanced and changed both Jane Austen’s life and those of her characters.
Bio – Jacqui Hogan has spent her career in a variety of IT roles including coder, computer aided design software developer, project manager, development director, business consultant and, most recently, chair of the BCS ELITE group. She has also been a passionate Janeite for over 25 years and looks forward to sharing an unusual look at what might have been different had Jane Austen been a geek!

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