BCSWomen AI Accelerator Webinar: Around the world in 20 minutes – A tour of AI by country!
12:00 to 13:00

Around the world in 20 minutes – A tour of AI by country!

Dr Adam Bujak, from KYP.ai will take us on a guided tour of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by country. He will speak from his personal experience of working in many different countries where he witnessed different levels of adoption of AI. He will share his perspectives on why this matters, and why industries, governments and people should all take note and plan to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive world of AI.

This talk is suitable for those who wish to keep up with AI developments and understand its applications and patterns of adoption.

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Event host:

The event will be hosted by Sarah Burnett, a member of BCS Women committee, founder and chair AI Accelerator, and a BCS AI author.

About the speaker

Dr Adam Bujak is a CEO and co-founder of KYP.ai – the first ever Digital Transformation Mining solution. Heading Intelligent Automation Practice at Capgemini, Adam was in charge of executing the end to end Intelligent Automation value proposition for multinational clients, building their digitally augmented workforce at scale and transforming their processes to drive automation with AI, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and analytics solutions. Adam holds a PhD in strategic management and a master’s degree in banking and finance. He has lived and worked on three continents.

Contributed by Sarah Burnett