Does the representation of women in science fiction influence the absence of women from the IT Sector? Workshop 5-6 Sept 2016

Does the representation of women in science fiction influence the absence of women from the IT Sector?

Exploratory participatory workshop – organised by Professor Nancy Harding and Dr Rana Tassabehji of Bradford University School of Management.

Detailed Description

The severe under-representation of women in the IT/IS sector is getting worse rather than better, but the reasons for their absence are not known. Clearly they go beyond the obvious and ‘rational’ reasons. Our own research suggests people in the industry believe women are not geeky enough!

Could it be that the ways in which women are represented in science fiction (notably in films) tell women (and their teachers and mentors) that IT is no place for females? This exploratory workshop invites participants to discuss how women are represented in sci-fi and the performative effects of those representations.

We invite

• participants who would like to present short analyses of women’s representations in sci-fi (ten minute film clips followed by discussion time);

• participants who would like to sit and watch some sci-fi and use the energy of a group analysis to identify how women are represented and how this influences us, in that moment, as viewers.

If there is sufficient interest we will explore a special edition of a journal. We will also have guest speaker Martyn Griffin from University of Leeds, who will discuss his study of how Disney films influence young girls’ ‘organisational readiness’, to be published in Organization Studies soon. We will discuss new directions for women and technology and applying film theory to better understand organizational environments. The workshop builds on research funded by the British Academy, so costs for participants are minimised.

The cost of the seminar includes lunch and refreshments. We will be holding a free dinner on the evening of 5 September. You will be asked during booking if you would like to attend the dinner.

More information and an agenda can be found here:

If you are intending to stay overnight, there are a small number of rooms available at Heaton Mount. These are bookable & payable separately by calling 01274 234485.