BCSWomen put on events around the UK, and we also contribute to and run a number of special events. These are the big events which happen every year: The BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium is an annual one-day conference for women undergraduates, which moves around the country. The London Hopper Colloquium is organised by the BCS Academy, with support from BCSWomen committee members and general members. Our AGM is held in London, usually in September or October.

Upcoming events and activities as well as those in the past are listed here

You can view the archive of our past events (currently stored on the main BCS website).

Sarah Burnett speaking at BCS Digital Skills Festival

November 10, 2020

Sarah Burnett will be speaking at the BCS Digital Skills Festival on 1 December. More informtion available here: https://www.bcs.org/events-home/bcs-virtual-festival-of-digital-skills/bcs-virtual-festival-of-digital-skills-programme/

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