Call for Volunteers to join BCS Women Scotland Committee

We are looking for new members of our committee to support a busy team in Scotland. Joining the BCSWomen committee will give you:
Self-fulfillment, organisational skills, visibility, networking opportunities, access to role models at all levels, brownie points on the CSR front, additional (and beneficial) brand benefits for your company and you might just find someone who connects you to your next job in IT.
Sharon Moore , our BCSWomen Scotland group manager would really like to hear from women who can commit a little time, contributing to any (or all) of our activities:
· suggesting, building, running or supporting an event ( or more than one, when you find out what fun it can be)

· adding content, or perhaps managing and developing the BCSWomen website (students especially welcome)

· talking to the press//radio, about BCS Women, and perhaps respond to parliamentary requests for information on women in tech,

· meet company execs who want to understand the implications of not having enough women in their IT teams

· speak publicly (at the BCS and beyond) on subjects which matter in the industry

· be part of building a strategy for attracting and retaining women in the technical and IT professions – in academia and in industry

· produce statistics on women in tech in the UK, to support our agenda

Many hands make light work as they say!

Do get in touch if you think you can help….oh – and I guess it is a pre-requisite that you are in, or regularly travel to Scotland (Glasgow and Edinburgh mainly!!)
Contact Sharon Moore at