BCSWomen’s Prof Margaret Ross announces Student Competition to produce a micro 3D printed hat for International Women’s Day 2020

The BCS Hampshire Branch, BCSWomen and BCS AGD Specialiost Groups are sponsoring  Student (Primary to Postgraduate) competitions  and Open Student Competition

The theme is to produce a micro hat using 3D printing, relevant for fashion, the judges of the final stage, include the famous hat designer, Victoria Grant, https://www.victoriagrant.co.uk/news , whose hats are worn by many celebrities, including Madonna and at events including the recent Royal Wedding.

Closing date for submissions on Sunday 8 March 2020, International Women’s Day.

Selected items to be shown at BCS Hampshire Branch meetings with photos to be featured on the BCSWomen website.

The 3D printed micro size hat should be appropriate to fit onto a Barbie doll sized doll

There are two categories, one for students from primary to post-grad in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and the other, open to those educational establishments outside Hampshire and the Isle of Wight – overseas entries welcomed

For the both categories, email your entry, as a photo or video, directly to bcsagdcomp19@solent.ac.uk, with cc to Margaret.ross@solent.ac.uk, with “BCS Hants 3D printing Hat Comp” and the category in “Hants” or “Open”, in the subject line, with the name (of the educational establishment, and contact name), city, country, and the level – primary (up to approximately 10 years of age), secondary (up to approximately 16), FE (Further education, (usually from 16 with no max age), or HE (Higher Education, such as universities, with students usually over 18). For schools or colleges that cover more than one level, separate entries should be made for each of the relevant levels.


For both categories, entries may be either an Individual or Group, but must be submitted by a member of staff for the establishment (not necessary to be a BCS member), who would aggregate the entries and email them to me as a single file for each level from that education organisation.

For both categories, and for all the 4 levels, entries from the educational establishment should be submitted in one submission, as a photo or video for each entry, by a member of staff, to Margaret.ross@solent.ac.uk, with the appropriate information in the subject line, as soon as possible.


Further information can be provided to the point of contact at the educational establishments, from Margart.ross@solent.ac.uk

For both the Hampshire/BCSWomen/AGD and the Open Student categories

Each member or group is allowed to submit up to 2 entries.

After the submission deadline, the entries will be assessed by a panel.

Request will be made, to see the short listed actual hats, either physically or live remotely, prior to the final decisions.

The entries might not be returned.

The results will be published on the Hampshire Branch and the BCS AGD SG web pages and the BCSWomen website.

The judges’ decision is final.

The entries might not be returned.


For further information, contact Margaret.Ross@solent.ac.uk

Additional information will be added to this web site, https://www.bcs.org/membership/member-communities/hampshire-branch/competitions/.

The designers of successful entries will receive a certificate and a small prize.