BCSWomen Poster Competition 2015

BCSWomen’s Competitions provides an opportunity for every BCSWoman to design a poster that would be offered as an A4 poster to be used in schools (secondary or primary), to encourage girls to consider computing as a career.

The poster might show the benefits, by including the use of photos, to show possibly the skills used, the exciting places that you could visit for your organisations as part of your job, or maybe the interesting hobbies or sports that you do outside your job.

All the commended entries in this international competition will receive a Certificate and memento. Entries from outside the UK particularly welcome.


  • Entries are invited from individuals or groups (maximum size of 5 in a group), but must include a BCSWomen member, who would be the single point of contact for that group or a BCSWomen member can act as a Point of Contact to submit posters from ladies that are not currently BCS members.
  • Maximum number of entries per person (or group) is five, (use different photos for the different entries).
  • Entries to be made to the given BCS email address by 30 May 2015, via a BCSWomen as a nominated single point of contact.
  • Please put BCSWomen poster followed by your surname city and country as the start of the email subject line.
  • The BCS will assess all submitted entries. A selection of suitable posters will be put on the BCSWomen web site in pdf form, so that they can be downloaded for use by schools and at careers events etc. A prize will be given for the best poster.
  • Care must be taken to observe copyright and agreement of anyone that is shown in the picture, so that these posters can be made freely available by the BCS.
  • The owners of the proposal will retain IP and copyright over the proposal but provide BCS with media rights and all other rights appropriate for the competition.
  • The language should be English.
  • Include your name, BCS number, BCS grade, location (Town and Country only) in your email, with the power point attached, if you are entering for your self, or as a Point of Contact for ladies who are currently non-BCS members.
  • Please use your surname city country as the first part of your file names.
  • The email address for questions relating to the competition and entries for the competition is bcswomencomp@bcs.org, copy to Margaret.ross@solent.ac.uk
  • The judges’ decision is final.


  • The final Poster, should show the BCSWomen logo on the top.
  • The poster should normally contain 2 photos, one showing yourself at work, and the other possibly participating in your hobby (such as dancing, sailing, riding, playing hockey etc) or at an interesting location (such as with the Taj Mahal or Sydney Bridge behind you, having been sent t by your employer), or seen working for a charity.
  • The text should normally be limited to bullet points, so the poster could be read quickly by student as they walk down a corridor.
  • The first batch of text (top left) would give some idea about your job, such as the % of time talking to people, at meetings, using the computer etc, and % of time away from the organization, for meetings, or working from home.
  • The top, work related photo could include in the background , the logo or name of your organisation, but only with their agreement, (but usually would not include the name or logo).
  • The second text (bottom left) would be relevant to your second photo.
  • You would only give your first name on the poster and role (eg business analysist, software engineer, but in terms the students might understand), and can name your employer (or not, but with their permission) or give a brief description (eg a large financial company, a small manufacturing firm, self-employed consultant etc).
  • Please submit the poster as a power point file.
  • An example of the possible layout is provided, the title line could be changed to say “Mary, Network Engineer in USA”.

Microsoft PowerPoint Icon Poster competition layout