BCSWomen How to Rule the World: first workshop session a huge success, still time to sign up for next two sessions

Last night’s workshop in the BCSWomen How to Rule the World from your office desk was a huge success. the following topics were covered:
Developing Personal Confidence in Ruling the World from your Office Desk Designing a contract with yourself to try something new [Activity]
Why should having confidence matter to you?
What is confidence and the types of confidence that exist? What are some of the myths you have created about confidence [Activity]
Busting myths about confidence
No quick fix involved when building your confidence – it takes effort!
How to develop a flexible mind-set. Establishing where you are stuck now [Activity]
Building your self-esteem – Demonstrating confidence in situations you find difficult
How do you react when things do not go right?
Every journey starts with the first step – taking action [Activity]

The buzz in the room and the networking session afterwards was great – people didn’t want to leave!
Thank you to Christine Alexander-Smith from The Diversity Coaching Initiative Limited who led the session last night.

We may be imperfect but we are enough as this the action taken by one of the attendees after joining the workshop last night.

There is still time to sign up for the next two sessions. You can book for individual sessions at £5.00 per session; the booking link is here:
These sessions will also be led by Christine.
Session 2 : held on the 20 June 2018
Ruling the World with Impact & Presence – How to develop ‘Brand You’, so you can sell your skills What does it mean to have impact and presence?
Why is developing your impact and presence important?
Don’t delay – start today [ Activity – From dreams to reality]
You become what you think. How to begin understanding yourself [Activity – questionnaire]
Understanding your strengths, values – What is your WHY?
Getting control of your inner critic/strategies for gaining and keeping control
Creating impact from the outside in [Activity – personal impact survey]
Developing your personal brand
Adapting to different situations
Creating your action plan

Session 3 : held on the 27 June only
Developing Resilience In Order to Continue Ruling the World What is resilience?
Why will becoming resilient matter to you?
What does resilience mean to you and how do you believe it could support you in your career? [Activity]
Do’s and Don’ts of resilience , Tips and Hints
Resilience in the work environment
Understanding how resilience you are [Activity]
The four elements of resilience
Developing your personal Resilience toolkit [Activity]
Understanding the difference between mistakes and progress and failure and recovery