BCSWomen AI Accelerator Hands-on Workshop and Hackathon
18:30 to 20:30

BCSWomen AI Accelerator Hands on Workshop and Hackathon

Date: 11 September 2018

Venue: Fujitsu, 22 Baker St, Marylebone, London W1U 3BW

Time: 6pm for a 6.30 start – finish by 8.30

Suitable for software developers who’d like to get into AI

Bring your own laptop

The event will include an overview of AI followed by hands on coding:

  • AI in text, voice and vision processing
  • What’s under the hood – e.g. machine learning and deep learning
  • How does it work – the maths and the algorithms
  • How to train/customise the model – what does a training session look like
  • What languages can be used to code it – an example or sample code and then an exercise
  • How to implement, what capabilities do you need, how long would it take to develop and deploy
  • Coding examples and hands on with a focus on computer vision, using Microsoft AI